Dennis Billows is a published collage artist, pop culture collector, writer/editor, and vintage research expert.  His works have been commissioned by private collectors.  In this phase of his artistic journey, he is now entering into the world of publishing more of his unique and entertaining works.



I’ve collected old postcards, comic books, pulp magazines, and sci-fi memorabilia for most of my life and was fortunate to have worked as an archivist in the world’s largest Sci-Fi collection owned by Forrest J Ackerman.  During that period of my life I became a published author and collagist. 

 I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy and I am fascinated by its origins.  “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” would not exist without the legends of Hercules, Ulysses, and St. George and the Dragon.  So, one day, while I wondered where we would be if Faust had not sold his soul to the devil, if the hunchback had stayed within the walls of Notre Dame, or if the Martians had not invaded the Earth, I decided, like the witches of “Macbeth,” to put it all in a pot and stir.  Inception, the Origin of Sci-Fi & Fantasy was created. 

It’s been a strange journey.  I served four years in the Air Force in Texas and Alaska (two years I fried and two years I froze).  I lived in San Francisco where I worked for the underground newspaper, The San Francisco Oracle, during the declining years of the hippie experiment.  But I wanted a family and security, so I left the newspaper, cut my hair, and got a real job as a Customs House Broker.  I opened my own Customs House Brokerage and have lived in Orange Country for the last twenty years.    

 I met Forry Ackerman at one of the San Diego Comic-Cons around 1975.  Once a year all the fans of sci-fi and fantasy from around the world meet at the San Diego Convention Center to buy, sell, and trade.  He invited me to see his collection and I was sucked into a black hole of sci-fi.  For the next twenty years I devoted all my free time to organizing his collection.  I also became assistant editor of Forry Ackerman’s magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland.

I have had collages published in Famous Monsters of Filmland and Odyssey Science-Fiction magazines, some were sold to pop-art collectors and others were commissioned, but I still considered collaging to be a hobby.  I still think of it as a hobby and of myself as an archivist.  Some of the images are so rare that few copies of the books or magazines exist. 

I hope you enjoy the show.